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Rich LeGrand, 09/30/2015 12:08 am

Can I use my regular Pixy with LEGO Mindstorms?

We released a new product that we call Pixy for LEGO Mindstorms that comes with custom LEGO-compatible firmware and a special cable for plugging Pixy into your LEGO brick. But if you already own a Pixy, we will be providing documentation on how to use your Pixy with LEGO in the coming weeks.

It will require you to make a cable, which is fairly easy, and you must have the correct hardware revision of Pixy (R1.3A). Look on at the backside of your Pixy. Does it look like the picture below (R1.3A)?
If so, your Pixy work with LEGO.

If the backside of your Pixy looks like the picture below (R1.3), your Pixy is incompatible with LEGO, unfortunately.