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h1. CMUcam5 Pixy

[[LEGO Wiki]]

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h3. *Quick Links*

h3. Essentials
* [[Quick Start]]
* [[Introduction and Background]]
* "Installing PixyMon on Mac":/projects/cmucam5/wiki/Installing_PixyMon_on_Mac_2
* "Installing PixyMon on Windows Vista, 7, or 8":/projects/cmucam5/wiki/Installing_PixyMon_on_Windows_Vista_7_or_8
* [[Install PixyMon on Windows XP|Installing PixyMon on Windows XP]]
* [[Installing PixyMon on Linux]]
* "Teaching Pixy an object":/projects/cmucam5/wiki/Teach_Pixy_an_Object_2
* [[Hooking up Pixy to a Microcontroller (like an Arduino)]]
* "Hooking up Pixy to LEGO Mindstorms":/projects/cmucam5/wiki/Pixy_LEGO_Quick_Start
* [[Hooking up Pixy to a Raspberry Pi]]
* [[Hooking up Pixy to a Beaglebone Black]]
* [[Hooking up Pixy to a .NET Gadgeteer]]
* [[Uploading New Firmware]]
* [[Mounting Pixy|Ideas on How to Mount Pixy on Your Invention Thing]]
* "How to Mount Pixy to Your LEGO Creation":/projects/cmucam5/wiki/Mounting_Pixy_with_LEGO
* [[Powering Pixy]]

h3. PixyMon
* [[PixyMon Overview]]
* [[Action Menu]]
* [[Configure Dialog]]
** [[PixyMon Pane|PixyMon Tab]]
** [[Signature Tuning Pane|Signature Tuning Tab]]
** [[Signature Labels Tab]]
** [[Expert Pane|Expert Tab]]
** [[Blocks Pane|Blocks Tab]]
** [[Interface Pane|Interface Tab]]
** [[Camera Pane|Camera Tab]]
** [[Servo Pane|Servo Tab]]
** [[Pan/tilt Demo Pane|Pan/tilt Demo Tab]]
* "Grab and Save a Frame":/projects/cmucam5/wiki/How_to_Grab_a_Frame
* "Save/Load Pixy's Parameters":/projects/cmucam5/wiki/How_to_SaveRestore_Pixy_Parameters
* "Uploading new Firmware":/projects/cmucam5/wiki/Uploading_New_Firmware

h3. Pan/tilt Mechanism
* [[Assembling pan/tilt Mechanism|Assembling the Pan/tilt Mechanism]]
* [[Run the Pantilt Demo|Running the Pan/tilt Demo]]

h3. Digging deeper
* "Some Tips on Generating Color Signatures":/projects/cmucam5/wiki/Some_Tips_on_Generating_Color_Signatures_2
* "How to talk to Pixy":/projects/cmucam5/wiki/Porting_Guide
* [[Arduino API]]
* "LEGO software blocks":/projects/cmucam5/wiki/LEGO_software_modules
* "libpixyusb API":
* [[Using Color Codes]]
* [[Port Pinouts]]
* [[Building the libpixyusb example on Linux|Building libpixyusb on Linux]]
* [[Building libpixyusb as a Python module on Linux]]
* [[Building PixyMon]]
* [[Building Pixy Firmware]]

h3. FAQ
* "Where can I buy Pixy?":
* "What kind of projects can I use Pixy for?":
* [[Where to Get Help]]
* "Where can I find the latest PixyMon, firmware, Arduino libraries, LEGO modules, libpixyusb, etc?":/projects/cmucam5/wiki/Latest_release
* [[Can I use my regular Pixy with LEGO Mindstorms?]]
* [[I don't see my controller supported. What do I do?]]
* [[What licensing does Pixy's firmware/software/hardware have?|What licensing does Pixy's software/firmware/hardware have?]]
* [[Where's the source code?]]
* [[Can Pixy do face tracking, face detection, or facial recognition?]]
* [[What is the maximum distance that Pixy can detect objects?]]
* [[Can I replace the lens on Pixy?]]
* [[Will Pixy track/sense laser light?|Does Pixy track/sense laser light?]]
* [[Will Pixy track/sense IR light?|Does Pixy track/sense IR light?]]

h3. Troubleshooting Guide
* [[I get the message "No Pixy devices have been detected" in PixyMon]]
* [[I don't see any video when I run PixyMon]]
* [[Pixy is detecting the wrong objects]]
* [[Pixy isn't detecting the objects I taught it]]
* [[My Arduino isn't receiving data from Pixy]]
* [[PixyMon is crashing!]]
* [[My pan/tilt is acting sort of crazy]]
* [[The image in PixyMon is out of focus]]