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08:31 am CMUcam5 Pixy Pixy Software: When I try to run the pan/tilt demo the pixyMon screen turns black
Hello friends.
I bought a pixyCam5 one week ago with the pan/tilt mechanism. I connected into my pc, and it was e...


11:19 am CMUcam5 Pixy Pixy Hardware: RE: The camera is not able to track the object
Edward Getz wrote:
> Hello Sergio,
> Tracking color codes is not as quick as individual colors. This is mostly du...


12:20 pm CMUcam5 Pixy Pixy Hardware: The camera is not able to track the object
Hello friends.
I'm using the color example that comes in the PixyCam5 box. I set the green to signature 1 and the ...

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