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07:58 am CMUcam4 General Questions: How determine if the color was detected?
Hello, I've a question, what is the function uses to determine if the color is detected by the CMUcam4?


01:18 pm CMUcam4 General Questions: Read to serial port while the CMUcam4 is tracking color
Hello! This is my situation, I've connected the CMUcam4 to an ArduinoUNO, the ArduinoUNO is connected with a software...


01:26 am CMUcam5 Pixy Pixy Software: RE: Libraries for Arduino
01:25 am CMUcam5 Pixy Pixy Hardware: RE: Questions about cMUcam5
Thanks for the response!
In the future, CMUcam5 will be able to recognize human? Whit face recognition and to trac...


04:00 pm CMUcam5 Pixy Pixy Software: Libraries for Arduino
Hello, are there libraries/classes (and documentation) to program the cam to use it with an Arduino microcontroller, ...
03:58 pm CMUcam5 Pixy Pixy Hardware: Questions about cMUcam5
Hello and congratulation for your wonderfull new cam!
I've some questions about it.
1) What are the better conditio...


03:35 am CMUcam4 General Questions: Tracking an object in a dark room
Hello, I've a question about the cmuCAM4. I want to track a light (red, blue or green) in a dark room. Is it possible...


07:47 am CMUcam4 Getting Started: A compatible PAN/TILT turret for the CMUcam4
Hello, where can I found a PAN/TILT turret compatible whit the CMUcam4? For example, a turret like this:

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